Chocolate-covered Cherries & Soap-on-a-Rope

“Fatherhood is pretending the present you love most is soap-on-a-rope.” –Bill Cosby

I laughed when I came across this quote. It brought back memories of Old Spice and the early days, when my parents sacrificed their physical needs for those of my two sisters and me.

For sure, there were two presents that my Dad could count on year after year: soap-on-a-robe and chocolate-covered cherries. I’m pretty certain that my Dad received them with a true heart of gratitude. After all, and all jokes aside, fatherhood is more than pretending—it is being.

Happy Father’s Day.



A Tribute to Dad on Father’s Day

Father's Day 2006

Father’s Day 2006

My Dad is many things, but on this Father’s Day I honor him for being:

Family Man who always put the needs of my Mom, two sisters, and me first.

An Adventurer: Dad planned family vacations, bike rides, water-tubing trips, hikes, and Sunday afternoon getaways…without an internet connection.

A quiet Thinker: Dad didn’t talk much.  Who could with four girls in the house? But when he did, what he said was worth hearing and heeding.

A handy Home Improver: If it needed built or fixed, Dad got the job done–and always had his little helpers nearby to pass the screwdriver or hold a piece of plywood steady.

An Encourager to be an ambassador of God and family.

A Ready Protector of the Sullivan clan.


My younger sister, Lisa, and me helping Dad remodel one of our bedrooms. When finished, it had pink and purple-flowered wallpaper halfway down with white paneling to look like wainscoting. The best part? A purple, ruffled canopy bed. ~ 1976


Dad graduated from Shepherd College (Shepherdstown, WV) when I was six years old. I remember the day. It was so humid and hot, and I was wearing an airy, orange dress that was perfect for twirling. ~ 1977


This is my favorite picture of Dad. (The red barn in the background was one of the many things he designed and built.) ~ 1979


Dad and me at the top of Sunken Road at the Antietam National Battlefield, (Sharpsburg, MD), in 2011. The Battlefield and the C&O Canal Towpath were our two favorite places for family bike rides.

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