Random Things (from 1960-1982)

I’m a nostalgia packrat.  On a scale from non-sentimentalist to full-on hoarder, I’d like to think that I fall somewhere comfortably in the middle, but maybe I’m just kidding myself. Today, I was looking for something in particular when what usually happens happened: I opened a box of my vintage loot and meandered down memory lane.

Among the things in the box were:

1960 Nixon/Lodge Presidential Campaign pinback button

A 1960 Nixon/Lodge Presidential Campaign pinback button


An American Tourister bellhop key from our family’s old luggage set, maybe.


My 1978 Elvis Presley trading card by BoxCar Enterprises, Inc.


My 1980 Avon ZANY Perfume “Rollin’ Great” Roller Skate


My 1982 World’s Fair (Knoxville, TN) Two-Day Pass

I asked myself why each of these items were worth keeping after all these years.  The campaign button represents a bygone era–a time before my time.  The others bring to mind distinct periods of my growing-up years.  Could I do without these things?  Of course. But for now, well, I think I’ll just hang on to them.