Chocolate Pie (Oh, my!)

One of my goals for 2016 is to eat more pie.

Just kidding.

I have no plans to eat more pie. I have no plans to eat less pie either.

My parents gave me a deep pie dish for Christmas. And since I’ve also been hankering a chocolate pie, I consulted my favorite cooking site, Pioneer Woman. I hit the jackpot. (No surprise there!)

Here’s Ree’s Marlboro-Man-Approved Chocolate Pie recipe.

And here’s my finished product, (it’s not the best picture, but I didn’t want to breathe all over it trying to get a better one):


I haven’t sliced the pie yet, (it’s for New Year’s Day dinner), but I licked the spoon, the spatula, and the pan (because I have no shame). The pie filling is wonderful! Unless something happens, like I drop the pie plate getting it to where it’s going (which could totally happen), this is another successful Pioneer Woman recipe from start to finish.

Note: I used 6 ¼ ounces of Baker’s unsweetened (bittersweet) chocolate plus ¼ ounce of Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate—because I got scared that it would be too bitter. Not that ¼ of an ounce would make much difference, but it appeased my neurosis. For the moment, anyway.

If “Eat Mor Choklit” is your motto for 2016, consider giving this pie a try!

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