Hello, World

I was out and about earlier today and stopped by one of my favorite places—Fearrington Village.


The grounds at Fearrington Village (NC) are a nod to English gardens.

Situated on pasture land between Pittsboro and Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Fearrington is designed to look and feel like an English village. Single family residences surround a “village center” that is comprised of a world-class Inn, two highly acclaimed restaurants (Fearrington House and The Granary), a coffee and wine shop (The Belted Goat), as well as a beauty salon, spa, bookstore, boutique, post office …and the list goes on.

Despite the numerous and, in some cases, luxurious amenities that Fearrington Village offers, there’s a down-to-earth, natural quality about the place, accomplished largely (in my humble opinion) by the various gardens, small ponds and walking paths.


On the “square,” poppies (a personal favorite) make this wildflower garden “pop”. — Fearrington Village, NC


One more poppy picture…I just can’t resist! –Fearrington Village, NC

Also resident to the village are Belted Galloway cows, Tennessee fainting goats, and donkeys. Today, when I entered the tranquil and slow-paced world of Fearrington Village, one of the donkeys was standing docilely in the pasture adjacent to The Granary. This is where I normally see the fainting goats (who were there today, also); but this was the first time I had ever seen a donkey there—in the past, I had only spotted a stout one standing under some trees along the edge of the pasture that runs alongside Route 15-501.

So, as you might imagine, I wanted to get a picture.


I got my donkey picture, but it was hardly a “one and done” scene. Notice the fluffy mound at this jenny’s front hooves.

I went around the bend of the fencerow to get a better angle, and behold!


It appears that the rather rotund donkey I had spotted several times standing there in the shade by 15-501 was now the proud mother of a new baby!

Round about the time of my discovery, a lady pulled up, jumped out of her SUV, and came hoofing it to the fence. Excitedly, she reported that the foal was only one day old! (Apparently, she lived around Fearrington, had checked in on the mother the night before, and had found her still pregnant.) The woman jumped back in to her vehicle, then off she went…perhaps to spread the good news that the world consisted of one more dear little donkey. (UPDATE: Since writing this post, I have learned that the baby—a girl—was born at 5:30AM, making her a mere six hours old in these photos!)

The colt began to stir, and I witnessed one of its first lessons in standing and walking.
Fearrington_Jenny_Foal_2 Fearrington_Jenny_Foal_4 Fearrington_Jenny_Foal_3


The mother gently nudged her new offspring to keep it on its feet and get it moving. — Fearrington Village, NC


With each nudge, the foal became more sure on its feet. By the time I left, it was doing quite well! — Fearrington Village, NC


Fearrington Village’s newest colt gets a nuzzle from its mama. – Pittsboro, NC

As I watched this interaction between mother and newborn, I pondered God’s great design. It was a creation moment—a commonplace scene of everyday life—that was fascinating and beautiful.

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