Duke Gardens in a Dusting of Snow

This evening, Durham was sprinkled with a dusting of snow—a welcome alternative to the ice that North Carolina received earlier this week. The trees were blanketed in a white powder. It was stunning. …And that was just the scene near the loading dock behind my building at work. I could only imagine what the Duke Gardens looked like!

It was nearly dusk and all I had was my trusty iPhone camera, but I headed to the Gardens anyway. The gates were open and there were plenty of people milling around, so I felt safe.

I headed toward the red bridge in the Asiatic Arboretum, where less than a week ago I saw a Japanese apricot tree in bloom. Today, I found the Japanese apricot covered in snow, with only a faint hint of its pink splendor showing. It was difficult to tease out the color with my iPhone camera and the increasingly poor light, so I caught this shot of a fellow shutterbug instead:red_bridge_snow I wanted to honor the Gardens’ visiting hours so I made my way back to the parking lot, passing through the Kathleen W. Moss Garden and pausing for this photo:Moss_garden_Snow Back at the parking area, I was enchanted by the twiggy arbor of the Doris Duke Center Gardens. (Just beyond and to the left is the Virtue Peace Pond that I’ve blogged about a time or two.)Doris_Duke_arbor_snow On my way out, I stopped by the Gothic Gate—that’s the Gardens’ main gate, which leads into the historic Rose Garden. If you stand in just the right spot, you can see Duke Chapel jutting majestically through the trees. Add a sunset and you get something like this:Gothic_Gate_sundown_DukeChapel

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