Season of Great Expectation

trees-2 Advent begins today, November 30, 2014. I look forward every year to this four-week season, which leads up to Christmas.

I pulled out my nativity two days ago, (in expectancy of the expectancy, you might say), unwrapping each porcelain piece with care. When I got to the bottom of the box, I let out a yelp. Where was Jesus?

A nativity without Jesus wasn’t much of a nativity, I thought. Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas.

I rifled through the packing paper in search of the tiny, white piece trimmed in gold. To my great joy, I found it.

I was struck by this scene, simple though it was: moments of great expectation followed by the delight of discovering the baby in the manger. I then decided to do what many Christians practice, (but had never done myself): wait until Christmas Eve (or Christmas) to place Jesus in the manger.


Come, Thou long-expected Jesus.

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