Six and 48

Last Saturday, with thirty minutes to spare before a dozen kiddies arrived to celebrate my nephew’s sixth birthday, a Hendrick Motorsports hauler pulled up to the house. Inside? A life-sized replica of Jimmie Johnson’s #48 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race car.

But perhaps the story is best told in pictures, (which you can click on to enlarge):


The show car was slowly and carefully unloaded using a cable and hydraulics.


Show cars usually don’t have motors, so “Jimmie’s car” was pushed up the driveway.


The car was polished and positioned in place just as the first guests arrived.


All of my nephew’s friends had a chance to sit in the race car and get their pictures taken. (The grown-ups did, too!)


With each guest’s turn behind the wheel, there was a new wave of chatter, curiosity, and excitement.


This is what it looked like from behind the wheel of the #48 show car.


Although the car didn’t have a racing motor, it did have some impressive parts under the hood.


NASCAR show cars travel the country to promote racing and race teams.  This particular show car just got back from a promotions event in Michigan.


Eddie and Cameron (representatives for the promotions company) made the NASCAR experience memorable.


The rain held off most of the morning but eventually rolled in…


…then the #48 show car rolled on to the next gig.

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