Cute + Quirky … Naturally

It’s been a bit gray these days in central North Carolina. Something big and yellow—that would be the sun—streamed through the clouds this afternoon, so I hurried over to the public gardens to eat my lunch. Because my hair wasn’t frizzy enough, I ventured into the area that reminds me of a tropical rainforest.

I stepped onto some stones that stretched across a mossy pond and took a picture of what looked to me like a tiny turtle sunning on a floating log.  It wasn’t until I downloaded the photo this evening that I realized the little turtle-tike was hitching a ride on a larger turtle!


Turtle Taxi. [Click on photo to enlarge.]

I continued on until I reached a shady bench situated on the backside of some bird feeders I’ve photographed before.  I thought it would be interesting to see the birds coming and going from a different perspective—kind of like having behind-the-stage seats to a sold-out concert.  As I ate day-old pizza, I was visited by many birds, including a curious lady Cardinal.


Lady Cardinal — (Durham, NC)

Today, like most days, I was captivated by the beauty of the natural world.  Often when I look at it, I see declarations of God’s glory and reminders of His grace.

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