A Tribute to Dad on Father’s Day

Father's Day 2006

Father’s Day 2006

My Dad is many things, but on this Father’s Day I honor him for being:

Family Man who always put the needs of my Mom, two sisters, and me first.

An Adventurer: Dad planned family vacations, bike rides, water-tubing trips, hikes, and Sunday afternoon getaways…without an internet connection.

A quiet Thinker: Dad didn’t talk much.  Who could with four girls in the house? But when he did, what he said was worth hearing and heeding.

A handy Home Improver: If it needed built or fixed, Dad got the job done–and always had his little helpers nearby to pass the screwdriver or hold a piece of plywood steady.

An Encourager to be an ambassador of God and family.

A Ready Protector of the Sullivan clan.


My younger sister, Lisa, and me helping Dad remodel one of our bedrooms. When finished, it had pink and purple-flowered wallpaper halfway down with white paneling to look like wainscoting. The best part? A purple, ruffled canopy bed. ~ 1976


Dad graduated from Shepherd College (Shepherdstown, WV) when I was six years old. I remember the day. It was so humid and hot, and I was wearing an airy, orange dress that was perfect for twirling. ~ 1977


This is my favorite picture of Dad. (The red barn in the background was one of the many things he designed and built.) ~ 1979


Dad and me at the top of Sunken Road at the Antietam National Battlefield, (Sharpsburg, MD), in 2011. The Battlefield and the C&O Canal Towpath were our two favorite places for family bike rides.

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