“Weebles Wobble, But They Don’t Fall Down”

Source: Internet image

Vintage Weebles by Hasbro; Image Source: the Internet

I received a call from my publisher last week. To their credit, they call quite frequently. To my shame, I usually do not answer. I convince myself that I have my good reasons. I’m in the middle of an experiment. (Which I usually am.) The cell phone reception in my building is poor. (Which it usually is.) I’m hard of hearing (what?) and talking on the phone gives me anxiety.  (Which only makes my hearing worse.)  But mostly I avoid the call because I don’t want to admit that I haven’t been doing my part to help sell my book Our Sunny Day Ride.

Last week, I wasn’t in the middle of an experiment so I picked up my cell phone and made my way outside where the reception is good. My book consultant was kind but firm. Thirty minutes later, we had a doable plan that didn’t have me cowering in the shrubs and whimpering “Mommy, Mommy.”

The plan included crawling out from under my comfortable rock and relaunching this website. (If you’ve been here before, I hope that you like the new look. If it’s your first visit, I hope that you like the new look!) I will be blogging, but I will not be blogging like I don’t have a day job. In other words, I’ll be blogging one or two times a week. Additionally, I have created a twitter account and an Instagram account to get the word out about Our Sunny Day Ride. I invite you to follow me in those places and to tell others about my book.

My starting and stopping and coming back for more remind me of Hasbro’s roly-poly Weeble toys. As the 1970’s advertising catchphrase went, “Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down!”

I’ve wobbled, but I’m not down. So here I go (again), and thanks for reading my blog!

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