A Country Mouse Visits the City, Sees a Cow

I don’t get into the big city much; but on a recent trip to downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, I came upon this surprising spectacle along Fayetteville Street:

"Show Me the Moolah" at Well Fargo on Fayetteville Street in Raleigh, NC, is/was part of CowParade North Carolina 2012.

“Show Me the Moolah” at Wells Fargo on Fayetteville Street in Raleigh, NC, is/was part of CowParadeNC 2012.

This life-sized, dairy delight is part of the now-winding-down CowParadeNC public art exhibit. Artist Julia Freifeld designed the rather rambunctious cow, and named the piece Show Me the Moolah.  A fitting title for a bovine whose hind parts flank the sidewalk and whose better side graces the interior of Wells Fargo, the presenting sponsor of the exhibit for the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill (a.k.a. the Triangle) area.

What is CowParade?  CowParade originated in Switzerland in 1998 and “has become the largest, most successful public art event in the world, with exhibits held in 75 cities in 30 countries on six continents to date.”[1] It “invaded the Triangle from August – December 17, 2012. CowParade North Carolina 2012 features 79 painted and costumed cows, all whimsically transformed by regional artists, professional and amateur, from life-sized ‘blank canvas’ fiberglass cows.”[2]

CowParadeNC is technically over–although I did see “Ole Bessy in a China Shop” (a.k.a. Show Me the Moolah) along Fayetteville on December 28th, many days after the exhibit officially ended. Ultimately, the cows are being sent to auction on February 2, 2013. Proceeds from “The Battle for the Cattle” will benefit the North Carolina Children’s Hospital.

[1] http://cowparadenc.com/about/history
[2] http://cowparadenc.com/

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