Scenes of Christmas: O Holy Night

The Holy Nativity in Duke Chapel (Durham, NC).

Nativity Scene — Duke Chapel (Durham, NC)

He left His Father in the heavens on high.
He was born in a manger with the purpose to die.

Eternally God, and yet fully man,
The baby boy, Jesus, was God’s sovereign plan.

Humbly He was born into King David’s royal line,
And humbly He lived, Messiah divine.

“Mighty Counselor! Prince of Peace!” Cried the Prophet of old.
And He drank of the cup as it had been foretold.

He took sin upon Him, the spotless Lamb without sin.
The grave could not hold Him, victory over death He did win.

He is back in the heavens seated with the Father.
He is preparing a place that will be like no other….


~ Merry Christmas! ~

poem excerpt, LLS 12.10.10