Scenes of Christmas: Salvation Army Band

Today, my younger sister and I braved the mall … at Christmastime.  This is a rarity, but we cleared the mechanism and prepared ourselves for the foray… or is it fray?  Chaos. We prepared ourselves for the chaos, and headed out early to beat the Raleigh rush.  We had a plan and checked it twice. Essentially: LUSH.  Janie and Jack.  Stride Rite.  …And an unplanned stop by Hickory Farms. We’re spontaneous that way.  Besides, have you had their sharp cheddar cheese log or their spicy summer sausage?  Goodness gracious!

We turned toward home just as things were starting to hop.  To our dismay, the Stride Rite Star Wars Dueling Lightsaber sneakers we’d bought my nephew were two different sizes–same label, but clearly one smaller than the other after a “Mommy, it hurts!” and a quick sole-to-sole inspection. Fortunately, there’s a Stride Rite in my ‘Mayberry Mall’ so we didn’t have to run all the way back to Raleigh.  With Nephew in tow, we joined the midday mall madness, which was now is full swing. That’s two (count ’em, one, two) trips to the mall in one day during the Christmas chaos.

Despite the hustle and bustle, it really was a pleasant day.  Which brings me to today’s Scene of Christmas: