Scenes of Christmas: The Holy Nativity

I love Christmastime, but trying to blog six days a week while also working full-time while also wanting (nay, needing) to contemplate the season is really putting a damper on my fa-la-la-la-la. So yesterday, as I was puttering around the lab trying not to drop things out of my dodgy hands or set anything on fire, I devised the perfect reprieve from my weekly blogging schedule: Scenes of Christmas.

Starting today, I will post pictures that depict some aspect of the Christmas season. Could be a photo from the past. Could be a picture from the present. In no particular order, except that Scene 1 kicks off this series with a gaze at the true meaning of Christmas … complete with an excerpt from a poem that I wrote in my younger years:


As we celebrate this festive season,
May we be reminded of its spiritual reason.

A babe was born many years ago,
In a cold, dark stable, in a manger low.

That child was Jesus, who would grow up one day
To be our Savior and wash our sins away.

— LLS, 1990 —