Thursday’s Thought: Are Smartphones making us dummies?

I ate my lunch yesterday on the sunny side of Duke Chapel. Here in the South, it’s amazing how warm the sun can feel even in late fall and winter. It was 48 degrees; but with the sun beaming directly down on me, it felt more like 78. It was quite lovely … until my thoughts turned slightly dark.

I’d gotten lost on my way to my hair appointment the previous day–had drawn a complete blank and could not for the life of me remember how to get from Durham to the salon in Chapel Hill. Once I got my mind in gear, I realized that I was headed down the wrong Interstate in search of the wrong piece of Route 86. I was ten minutes late for my appointment.

Am I trying to do too many things? Am I not getting enough rest? … Am I losing my mind?  (Would I know it if I was?)

Not trusting myself, I used the Maps app on my Smartphone to get me from the salon to my next destination. Which generated these thoughts as I sat there reflecting and soaking up the sun: Is it all a vicious circle?  Is my mind paying a price for the convenience of GPS, apps, tools and gadgets that do some of the routine thinking and processing of life for me?

The answers were not forthcoming.  I went inside the Chapel for some respite … and took this picture with my Smartphone.

A stained glass window inside Duke Chapel.

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