Wednesday’s Word: Iris

Today’s word is a recalling of summer …. Irises are hardy perennials that attract butterflies and hummingbirds, and they make great cut flowers.  There are approximately 300 species of Iris, most of which flower in early summer. Some species, (like the ones I have), bloom again in late summer. The distinctive flowers of the Iris have three large outer petals called “falls” and three inner upright petals called “standards.” [1]

Here’s a sweet old poem about the Iris:

The garden with its little gate of green,
Invites you to enter, and view mysteries unseen,
Its vine laden bowers and overhanging trees,
The air filled with sweetness, the hum of the bees,
The flagged walks with Iris galore,
Of most beautiful coloring, unknown before,
Pink, white, purple, yellow, azure blue,
Mixed and mingled of every hue,
You come away wondering, can more beauty be seen
Than in the garden with its little gate of green.

                                                                      -Winstead. [2]

A petite Iris in my front garden in late summer.

[2] From a 1931 Catalog for Green Gate Gardens, which was owned by Gabrielle Drake McColl and located in Bennettsville, South Carolina.