Short-Short Saturday: ‘Tis the Season

On Saturdays, I normally post a short-short story (flash nonfiction, if you will) that often involves some sort of ridiculousness that is my life. This week, I could well tell the tale of how I super-glued my camera to the inside of my handbag. But I won’t. (Actually, I just kind of did tell you.) Suffice it to say that I pried it loose … only I can’t use the gadget because the controls are fused shut. Sigh.

Who has time to develop a short-short story anyway when the Christmas season is upon us?! I don’t officially flip the switch on my lights – inside or out – until December 1st, (I have my quirks), but I am in preparation mode. I love Christmastime! I plan to have three trees this year – no more, no less. Two down and one to go!

Here’s a short-short peek at them – lit only for decorating and photographing purposes.  (I am fortunate enough to have more than one camera, lest you think my stories don’t add up.  As for Super Glue and me, we are on a break.)

My 7-foot tree has mostly glass and glittery gold ornaments on it. I usually break at least one or two ornaments during the decorating process. I was so psyched (do people say that anymore?) that I didn’t break a single one this year!

This tree is an eclectic mix of ornaments that I either made as a child or received as gifts over the years. … A nativity ornament I made in Sunday School … A blue satin bulb with my name in silver glitter – a gift from the Boonsboro Elementary School PTA back in 1979 … A popsicle-stick sled Dad made me in 1981 … White House ornaments from a high school friend. And in place of garland, peacock feathers given to me years ago by a fella who ran a cigarette maker by night and worked his farm (complete with peacocks) by day. It’s a tree of good memories.  It’s a season of great joy – Jesus the Savior was born!