Fresh, Green, Tomatoes

Blogging six days a week is challenging, let me tell you.  As one acquaintance remarked recently, “Goodness, I don’t think I have enough things happen to me to write six days a week!”

Hear, hear!  That’s why today I’m “going green.”  For those of you who followed me at Old-Fashioned Girl Blogger, you’ll recognize the picture and poem that I’m sharing today.

Here’s something fresh to go with the recycled: You might say this (silly little) poem is an ekphrasis, (pronounced ek-fra-seez): a literary description of something visual.

Ode to Ketchup

Ketchup. O Ketchup!
So tangy. So sweet.
It makes a great treat.
Don’t get caught with your
Tongue in the jar!

Ketchup? Why ketchup?
My only reply
To the question of why
Is that Mom put the Oreos
Up way too high!