War & Medicine

Did you know that anesthesia was used in medical procedures during the Civil War?  It’s true!  At least 95% of the major surgeries involved the use of anesthesia.

During a recent visit to the Pry House Field Hospital located on the Antietam Battlefield, (site of the bloodiest one day battle of the Civil War), I explored some of the emergency medical methods and instruments used during the conflict.

Time does not permit me in this post to recount what I learned about the homeowners or those who were treated at the field hospital, but here are some photos from my visit.  Enjoy!

The Pry House was Union Headquarters & Medical Headquarters during the Battle of Antietam (Sharpsburg).

The Pry House features a realistic re-creation of an operating theatre.

As someone who works in science and uses plastic syringes, I found this glass syringe pretty awesome.

The exhibit included detailed descriptions of wounds & their treatment. What an extraordinary treasure trove of data!

These are specific examples from the field hospital case studies at Antietam.

I’ve only scratched the surface of all there is to see at the Pry House Field Hospital Museum. The grounds and barn are also accessible to visitors for learning and exploration. The entire adventure can be yours for a $3 suggested donation. In my humble opinion, it’s worth every dollar.