Wednesday’s Word: Cynosure

Cynosure, (pronounced either sine-eh-shur or sin-ne-shur), is a noun that means focal point or center of attraction.  It can also mean a guide.  In the latter sense, the North Star is an example of a Cynosure.  In the (rather grainy, sorry!) photo below, the butterfly (I hope!) is the cynosure, or point of focus.

This particular butterfly sculpture is a cynosure of art located outside the Boonsboro Free Library. It is entitled “Flight of Ulysses” and is one of two “Take Flight” butterfly sculptures that grace my hometown of Boonsboro, Maryland.  These and other butterfly sculptures around the Hagerstown (MD) area are designed to “benefit the Barbara Ingram School of the Arts and celebrate community transformation.”[1]

“Flight of Ulysses” on the front lawn of the Boonsboro Free Library (Boonsboro, MD)