Factual and Fabulous

Which state has a statue in honor of a bug? [1] … Who was the first woman elected to the United States Congress, and which state did she represent? [2] …  In which state were the most Revolutionary War battles fought? [3]

You’ll find the answers to these burning questions and more in Fabulous Facts about the 50 States.  Written by Wilma Ross, with illustrations by Bill Cummings and maps by Frank Ronan, the book is currently in its 4th revised edition.

My Fabulous copy, which was published in 1976 and purchased at a Scholastic Book fair for a whopping eighty-five cents, is well worn and well loved.  (In fact, it should have rated in my Insights into the Soul post, but alas there are too many good books in my life to list!)

Fabulous Facts is packed with tidbits about our 50 great (and united) states of America. The states are presented alphabetically. But that’s not all!  What follows is a map of the 13 original colonies (with notes indicating that what is now Maine was owned by Massachusetts, and what is now Vermont was claimed by New Hampshire and New York).  The book concludes with a flurry of adhoc “More Fabulous Facts.”

Growing up, I was eyewitness to many of the states up and down the east coast, thanks to Dad’s keenness for educational summer vacations.  The states that we didn’t see in person, I went to in my imagination courtesy of the facts, illustrations and maps exploding from the pages of Fabulous Facts.

Obviously, the population information in the book has changed since my edition, which was based on the 1970 (yowza!) census. Nevertheless, the book is still delightful because it serves up a hearty helping of American history, fact by fabulous fact.

[1]  Alabama; [2] Jeannette Rankin, Montana in 1917; [3] South Carolina