Refresh Me With Apples

As Marie, a librarian-in-training and fellow blogger, mentioned in her highly entertaining #7QT’s post last Friday (QT#4 to be exact), apple season is upon us!  And I love, love, love apples – especially baked ones!

Did you know that apples aren’t just for eating?  It’s true!  For example, according to my 8th grade Social Studies teacher, apples were used in doll making during the colonial days in America.  (Such creations are called, as you might imagine, apple head dolls.)

To reinforce the point, my teacher assigned each of us to make dolls the old-fashioned way – as best as we could in this (post)modernized age – using apples that were cut and dried, lemon juice, wire, gauze . . . and a conventional oven set at low temperature (prior to the wire and gauze steps, of course).

My Benjamin Franklin (“Ben”) apple head doll, circa 1984.

Our assignment was not only to make an apple head doll, but also to showcase it in a colonial setting. Mom helped me to fashion knickers, a waistcoat and buckled shoes, while Dad helped me with the setting: Benjamin Franklin conducting his famous kite experiment, (which may or may not have actually taken place).

“Ben” has weathered many moves; and although he has discolored (a.k.a. rotted) into something that scares many who look upon him for the first time, he is a great conversation piece and a visible reminder of a time of groundbreaking scientific exploration, positive political change, and great hope for our country.

“Ben” today:  A bit worse for wear, but a reminder of our country’s foundations.