Two-Cent Tuesday: The Beauty of Birchbox

If you’re like me, you’ve probably socked your money into a product or two that didn’t live up to its hype or that just didn’t work for you personally. Enter Birchbox – a box of goodies delivered to your doorstep for a flat $10 a month.

The premise of Birchbox in their own words is “to discover new grooming, beauty and lifestyle products” by sampling “top products from high-end brands.” (And lest you think this is a “Girls Only” post, Birchbox caters to manly-men as well with Birchbox Man, currently in beta.)

I’ve been on the Birchbox bandwagon for four months now. Each box has a creative theme that connects all the products to one another, and the packaging is done with care and class.

Products range from facial cleansers, lotions, mascara and fragrances to nail polish, hair ties, tea bags and special edition ear buds. Admittedly not all of the products float my boat (such as eyeliners and lipsticks), but typically there are at least three items in each box that integrate into my regimen to my advantage. I can usually pass along the less ideal products to someone that I know who would use them, so I have never felt short-changed. More than this, it’s fun to see what’s in my “grab bag” each month. Take a peek for yourself:

For $10 a month, Birchbox will deliver quality products (such as these from June & August 2012) to your doorstep.

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