Seven and Twenty

On Sunday, August 26th, the Washington Street Writers, a poetry writing and critiquing group of seven from the Raleigh (NC) area, celebrated twenty years (and counting!) of supporting one another in their writing and publishing pursuits.

Washington Street Writers, L to R: Lenard D. Moore, Jan Zaleski Hilton, Randy W. Pait, Richard Krawiec, Bruce Lader, Sally Ann Drucker, and Beverly Fields Burnette

The 20th Anniversary Celebration was held at the Southwest Regional Branch of the Durham County Public Library and was sponsored by the Durham Library Foundation Humanities Society.  The public event was an eclectic mix of panel discussion, poetry readings, and even a poetry-critiquing exercise designed to engage and inform the audience.

The impressively-published septet offered helpful insights and writing tips, not the least of which was to strive to make each work a work of art.

Those in attendance whet their artistic appetites, nourished their literary inclinations, and feasted on culinary delights.