Adventures in Reading

The intercom crackled to life and the Principal’s deep voice boomed, “SSR will begin now!”

Up and down the long elementary school hallway, all noise stopped except for the rustling of pages.

SSR.  Sustained Silent Reading.

I opened the yellow-bound, hardcover book that I had selected from my second-grade teacher’s turn-style bookshelf: the first Nancy Drew book that I would ever read!

yesterday & today. simply timeless.

I was a bit daunted by the sheer number of pages, and I found myself skimming over big words that I did not yet understand.  Despite this, the spirit of mystery and adventure swept me along.

Fifteen minutes flew by, the bell rang, and SSR ended.  Our class made its way to Phys Ed, where we were learning fundamental gymnastic skills.

As I hung from the low horizontal bar in a move where my hands and feet were wrapped around the bar, I called out to my gym teacher, “Look!  I’m Nancy Drew!”

She appeared puzzled for a moment, and then she stifled a laugh. “Nancy Drew is a sleuth!  You’re a sloth!”

I pondered that for a moment, storing it in my ever-growing repository of knowledge. It would be several more years before I realized that a “late model sedan” was actually a new car, not an old one!  … Several more years of growing, learning and exploring through reading.  May the adventure never end!

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